IMUNON CEO Dr. Corinne Le Goff to Participate in a Panel Discussion on Pandemic Preparedness at the United Nations

October 19, 2023

A Tale of Two Pandemics: Lessons From the 1889 & 2019 Pandemics” presented by the Foreign Policy Association

LAWRENCEVILLE, N.J., Oct. 19, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- IMUNON, Inc. (NASDAQ: IMNN), a clinical-stage biotechnology company focused on harnessing the power of the immune system against cancer and infectious diseases, announces that Dr. Corinne Le Goff, IMUNON’s President and Chief Executive Officer, will be participating in a pandemic preparedness panel at the United Nations in New York City on Thursday, October 19, 2023. Titled “A Tale of Two Pandemics: Lessons from the 1889 & 2019 Pandemics – Insights for Pandemic Preparedness,” the program is presented by the Foreign Policy Association, WBB Securities and UNITAR.

Dr. Le Goff will discuss the development of the Covid-19 mRNA vaccine and IMUNON’s development of a DNA-based vaccine platform using the company’s PlaCCine modality. The moderator is Dr. Richard Marfuggi, M.D., D.M.H., Medical Ethicist, Medical Historian and Medical Director of the WBB Research Institute. Opening remarks will be delivered by H.E. Bob Rae, Permanent Representative of the Permanent Mission of Canada to the United Nations, and by Noel Lateef, Chief Executive Officer and President of the Foreign Policy Association.

In addition to Dr. Le Goff, the other panelists include:

  • Stijn Van Nieuwerburg, Ph.D., Columbia University Graduate School of Business, who will discuss the realities of commercial real estate including global economic and social repercussions;
  • Alain Gagnon, Ph.D., Professor at the University of Montreal, who will discuss 1889 effects on 1918 and the implications for 2019 and beyond;
  • Gregory Wawro, Ph.D., Professor of Political Science, Columbia University School of Professional Studies, who will discuss the political implications of the 1889 and 2019 pandemics; and
  • Steve Brozak, D.M.H., Founder & CEO of WBB Securities, LLC and the WBB Research Institute, who will discuss the economic consequences of the two pandemics.

Founded in 1918, the mission of the Foreign Policy Association today, as it has been throughout its 105-year history, is to serve as a catalyst for developing awareness, understanding an informed opinion on U.S. foreign policy and global issues. Through its balanced, nonpartisan publications and programs, FPA encourages citizens to participate in the foreign policy process. To learn more about the Foreign Policy Association, please visit

WBB Research Institute’s mission is to inform the leaders in commerce, industry, government and public policy about key issues emerging at the intersection of health care and industry. Its goal is to present and publish seminars, discussions, articles and studies to better enable leaders from government, media and other involved interests to both inform the public and to improve the quality of our lives.

UNITAR’s (United Nations Institute for Training and Research) mission is to develop the individual, institutional and organizational capacities of countries and other United Nations stakeholders through high-quality learning solutions and related knowledge products and services to enhance decision making and to support country-level action for overcoming global challenges.


IMUNON is a fully integrated, clinical stage biotechnology company focused on advancing a portfolio of innovative treatments that harness the body’s natural mechanisms to generate safe, effective and durable responses across a broad array of human diseases, constituting a differentiating approach from conventional therapies. IMUNON is developing its non-viral DNA technology across four modalities. The first modality, TheraPlas, is developed for the coding of proteins and cytokines in the treatment of solid tumors where an immunological approach is deemed promising. The second modality, PlaCCine, is developed for the coding of viral antigens that can elicit a strong immunological response. This technology may represent a promising platform for the development of vaccines in infectious diseases. The third modality, FixPlas, concerns the application of our DNA technology to produce universal cancer vaccines also called tumor associated antigen cancer vaccines. Finally, the fourth modality, which is still in the discovery phase, IndiPlas, will focus on the development of personalized cancer vaccines, or neoepitope cancer vaccines.

The Company’s lead clinical program, IMNN-001, is a DNA-based immunotherapy for the localized treatment of advanced ovarian cancer currently in Phase 2 development. IMNN-001 works by instructing the body to produce safe and durable levels of powerful cancer fighting molecules, such as interleukin-12 and interferon gamma, at the tumor site. Additionally, the Company is conducting IND-enabling preclinical studies for the development of a COVID-19 booster vaccine: IMNN-101. The Company has also initiated preclinical studies to develop a Trp2 tumor associated antigen cancer vaccine in melanoma: IMNN-201. We will continue to leverage these modalities and to advance the technological frontier of plasmid DNA to better serve patients with difficult-to-treat conditions. For more information on IMUNON, visit


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